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Joy in the Journey

Ok, hi there! This is my first post. Not ever, but for this blog. Though this isn't my first blog either. I just haven't done blogging in years. Wondering if I still got it. To say the least, I'm not the young hottie I used to be, but I'm no sea hag either. So, why am I here? Well, to talk obviously. But talk about what? Well, I'm glad you asked. This has been on my bucket list for a while now. I've always been an open book, which is why I've co-authored about 14 books and published 1 of my own. Let me start by saying, I believe you can find joy in the journey. And upon finding joy, you discover a very powerful and endearing story about your life. This is exactly what happened for me.

Joy in the Journey

The joy of writing and sharing my experiences with others to motivate them to search for their own joyful journey. We all have a story. For some, its more deeper than others, but WE ALL HAVE A STORY just the same. Sometimes we don't recognize the purpose for the drama endured, but baaaybee, there was a purpose. Even if that purpose was just an eye-opener for you. For me, I learned so much about myself regarding my faith, strength, and my idealism on love and relationships. I also learned where I needed to set boundaries(which was a struggle for me). Learning about myself made me appreciate who was/am as a human being and that brought me my joy in the journey.

Is my life perfect? Please, of course not. I know better than to wish on stars okaay. But taking life's journey one day at a time and enjoying where I'm at now allows me to stay optimistic.

So, I'm sharing my experiences with those who are interested in hearing it and who needs to hear it. My hope is that it ignites a flame within. There are so many great human beings in this world who don't classify themselves as such because of the trauma they faced in the journey. Some are just stuck, some bruised and some are broken. Those who feel this way, may only need to hear that someone else understands their pain. That someone has faced what they are facing and understands what it means to feel like there is no out. I have been through all those things. From body image and low self esteem to physical, mental, emotional abuse. There are so many layers and aspects that makes up a person, not just pain and suffering. Those are events that occurred, not who we are.

And with that being said, welcome to my blog and I hope you enjoy reading my posts as much as I enjoy having you read them.

Ok now, if you want to know more about me, please visit my "About Me" page. Also, subscribe to my blog so you'll be notified when I create a new post.

This isn't goodbye, just see you later.

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