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Get To Know Me!

I am a native of the Bay Area; born and raised in Pittsburg, California. I was married for 18yrs until my divorce in 2020. I have four kids; 3 daughters and 1 son....all but 1 are adults.


Professionally, I have been in the counseling field for about ten years; including mental health, addictive and Christian counseling.


I am the Founder and Director of Women of Virtue Org.; an organization designed to improve the health and wellness of women, their families and community. I believe the organization is a divinely appointed assignment to serve the community by helping those in need to reach their full potential. 

You will soon begin to see my journey (past and current), including my experiences with many trials and hardships. I am an open book because it helps me continue to grow while potentially helping others on their journey. I am a toxic relationship survivor, have overcome depression, low self-esteem and anxiety. My life's desire and goal is to help others who are currently facing or recovering from similar circumstances realize it is still possible to live their best life.


In addition, I became an Author in 2016 through a co-Author opportunity to share some of my story. I soon discovered another love; writing and publishing, so I launched my publishing company, Women of Virtue Publishing (aka WOV Publishing) in 2017. The company's goal is to provide coaching and tools to help individuals self-publish their own books and build a platform where they can be heard. 


To contact Rachel:


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